I was born at the beginning of the ’70s in Czernowitz, a small town in the Ukraine, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains.

Its European scents, picturesque architecture and typical pluralistic tolerance had enhanced the development of my creativity and The day I could hold a paintbrush, I started painting. With my parents always
supporting my choices, they taught me merriment, laughter, and self-confidence.

I graduated with honors from our local School of Arts, knowing already the path I continued my schooling at the Moldovian Pedagogic Institute, at the end of which I immigrated to Israel, leaving behind good friends, my first love and happy childhood

At the age of 19, I came to Israel as a curious inquisitive young woman.
Everything about Israel was new to me, but my ability to adjust helped me get used to the new reality of life there. I studied at the Emonah College, followed by graphic design at the Ramat-Gan College and finished my academic studies with the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv. My Motto is “never stop learning”; hence, I continued to take various courses in painting techniques, graphics and printing.

During those years, I got married and had my son, which made me infinitely happy.

Joining the Gad Ullman studio in 1998 as a painter and a designer, I have continued to express my artistic talents, especially in doing my murals.
Mr.Ullman has taught me the importance of being loyal to my talents, which has become a yardstick in my artistic path, and beyond. Under guidance in his studio, I have painted tens of murals as well as many paintings. Leaving his studio in 2006, I was ready to embark upon my independent artistic path in the Big Wide World.

My current work reflects a rich life experience, and the continual development of my skills and education in the wider fields of arts. This fusion of “life & study” allows me to continue to create fresh and constantly evolving works.

“There is beauty everywhere, but one must look to find it.” (Confucius)